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tv   Morning Blend  NBC  December 6, 2016 9:00am-10:00am CST

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dressing on new freshly-baked rye bread. only at subway. good morning everybody. today on the morning blend, the streets of old milwaukee are decked out for the holidays. we'll get a sneak peek plus the best ways to shop for people who want a high-tech present this year. a new robotics transplant system for people who suffer with hair loss. that's all next morning blend. ? ? [ music ] ? ?
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good morning everybody. i want to have share a tip about holiday shopping to make a little less stressful first i have to call attention to, first of all, tiff is back welcome back. >> yeah. >> had a few days off. >> did you shop? >> i have am almost all of my shopping done. this year i started shopping months and months ago. year. >> how do you like our wreath? >> i didn't notice it. >> check it out behind us. >> isn't it beautiful. ryan scott,what is his title here? production manager? >> we have a tree. >> it looks beautiful. he spent hours and hours. he was here this weekend. >> did he make it or what? >> he sort of told people what to do so it would look perfect. did you hang it yourself? >> i had some help, but yeah.
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and hours to decide what to tell people to make? >> yes. [laughter] >> it's beautiful. >> i love it. i think it looks great. we're like totally decked out for the holidays this year. we have a lost poinsettias, our intern amanda wrapped a bunch of presents for you already under the tree. >> good the more the marrier. holiday shopping thank you ryan for your effort on the wreath. your brain on hallucinate day -y shopping is like for me it is because it's stressful. i said buy in multiples because your five friends aren't going to care if you buy them the same scarf in different colors. take care of yourself as if you are a toddler. >> nap? cry, and eat. >> it's napping. you would not bring a toddler to the store if they are hungry and tired. don't do it to yourself. >> good idea. >> have a snack.
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dave is like a little bit of this a quick one of those. >> that's a good snack. >> make sure you're not overlit tired. they say -- overly tired. we spend so much more when we're tired we make emotional decisions. >> we don't do it at the grocery store why do it for holiday shopping? >> absolutely. the other part of that is split your shopping list. i think this is good. dave gave us a little snack you know like, oh, iem grandmother wasa alcoholic. it's really not funny, but she went shopping one year intoxicated for christmas. >> only once? >> yes and when i opened the gift that year i was like 14 or 15 and she got me a 3-foot barbie and didn't play with barbies anymore and when i opened it she said to me who got you that? [laughter] >> i was like you did grandma. >> um grandma.
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>> sign you're an alcoholic you buy your 15-year-old granddaughter a barbie. >> don't go sleepy, hungry or intoxicated. >> i like adding that one to the list. [laughter] >> it's cute you shared that story. kind of funny. [laughter] >> split your shopping list is the next tip there are some things you buy online. we love people who shop local. what they say is focus on because kids gifts in particular can be really specific. order those online and the stuff you're going to, don't try to do it all in one day have your online day shop local because we love when you do that. free shipping day is december 16. i don't know if all retailers participate, but i just learned that december 16. take advantage of that. >> there you go. all right what were you going to say about nighttime? >> i learned this from my eye doctor. i went to my eye doctor and got
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i couldn't read the teleprompter anymore. i was like why is the camera so far away. he gave me a great tip. he said do you use your phone a lot at night. i asked if my vision got worse because i look at my phone and i one eye it at night. i was like i was one eyeing my phone at night i don't know why it feels more comfortable. he said no, but have you used the night shift. it's on iphone. all you do bottom part. i will do that again, you flip up the bottom part this says night shift and when you click on it i have already had my set if you pull yours up and it says night shift you probably don't have yours up. >> i haven't done the update. >> you got to do the update. once you do the update it's on there. what it does is sun up to sunrise that's when i have mine down. sunrise to sunset. what it does is turns the blue light off on your phone.
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keeps you stimulated and awake. >> that's what disrupts your melatonin in your brain and makes you not be able to sleep. >> so right around like 5:00, or what not, when it starts to get dark my phone turns it turns almost a little yellowish it's not quite so blue. you can see it, but it don't bother you using it. >> interesting and paul our producer, said you can set the time if you don't want to do the sun up to -- >> you can set you would rather. but you should set it if you can set it with sun up to sunset because that's when your natural rhythm is. >> paul let me ask you a question, are you surprised haven't updated my phone yet? not at all. thank you. [laughter] >> dave isn't either. let's get the naughty or nice thing, why are our kids such brats is what i wanted to talk about?
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even a medal for participation. can i say that out loud? >> yes you did. >> tsa a lot of people flying for holidays. things that are approved and not approved. >> you're not doing why kids are brats? >> no i'm going to do it tomorrow there are so many reasons i don't have enough time. tsa has things you cannot bring, cranberry sauce, creamy dips, jams, jellies, maple syrup, alcoholic beverages. >> get this. things you can pies. >> yeah i remember that because i brought a pie one year home for thanksgiving. >> i don't get that you can't bring a dip, but you can bring a pie? it has jelly in it sometimes. the other thing you can bring is a turducken. it's like a whole paragraph about bringing a turducken. your delicious turducken can be
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bags. dry ice will work. >> those pies made me hungry. tell us on facebook what is your favorite christmas cookie? >> i like that do you have a favorite? >> i do have a favorite. i like those sugar cookies with the little dollup of something in the middle the jelly ones they are an italian cookie. >> i like sugar cookies with lots of frosting. those are kind first up this morning, the streets of old milwaukee look brand-new. the milwaukee public museum has transformed its turn of the century exhibit into a holiday wonderland. >> julian jackson is the vice president of design and albert muchka he is the curator of history collections. great to see you guys. >> good to see you. >> thank you so much. the streets of old milwaukee are new huh? >> that's true. last year, we reimagined the
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reimagined wisconsin's favorite exhibit and we thought this year why not connect those to our favorite holiday season so we have decked the streets out. it's going to be a fabulous new tradition for all of the families coming into town. they all remember the streets of old milwaukee from when they were a kid why not bring them back. >> so you can take a tour with granny how do you take advantage of the tour? >> we have a great new audio tour you can download onto your phone once >> i got to do that. >> granny will take you to all of her favorite spots. why don't you tell about what granny will show you when you are in the streets. >> it was so much fun putting that app together. granny will take you on a walking tour of the streets of old milwaukee. you will go from unit to unit and you'll be able to observe some of the things that really went into making an american
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into these flagship stores. >> like george watt the tea shop and home d?cor. that's fun. >> and the print shop, we're a big printing center around milwaukee. you'll be able to look at things that were printed during the 19th century. booklets and the new penny postcards with christmas themes. and what is most interesting an 1869 cover from harper's weekly showing an american version of the santa claus idea. >> very educational to it sounds. you guys have events going on as well? >> all through the holiday season. check our website. one of my favorites is breakfast with santa which is taking place december 18. there will be a victorian dressed santa claus. bring your camera so you can take pictures with the kids. >> what does he eat for the breakfast? is it going to be cookies? >> probably a little fatenning. >> carrots? >> that's for the reindeer.
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it will be a great time. that's december 18. there will be events all through the holiday season all through january both in the european village and in the streets of old milwaukee. >> that's so fun. a way to really celebrate our traditions and our history right here in milwaukee. speaking of traditions and things that were celebrated in the past i'm sure that helped inspire the design or the style of this exhibit right? >> absolutely. we're leveraging a lot of what we consider the classic american fabulous he takes a lot of those artifacts that we have in our collection, and sort of builds on those to tell that story. and, i think al selected a couple we can show folks here. >> i like that they are up right now. >> some of the wonderful things we have been able to put into the streets of old milwaukee represent the diversity of some of the cultures and some of the ideas that came to milwaukee over the 19th century. one of the great things we'll be
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russian brass capped menorah. that will be available to see in our general store. >> the plate. >> the christmas plate is one of the really fun things of christmas and it's an old danish tradition that was adopted throughout northern europe. the piece we're showing in granny's house is a piece of porcelain from germany. it's called the star babies and if you get close enough to it you can see the sky like human stars. some of the other fun things that really kind of go out there and you will have to look for this one would be the pickle in the christmas tree. >> oh, yeah. got to find that pickle. >> we have that tradition in my parent's house. >> from my research it turns out it's really an american tradition started by fw woolworth when he started importing glass ornaments from germany. there is a german background, but it's a lot more of an
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in the tree it's disguised a little bit. >> i have hidden the pickle in granny's tree so you can find that. >> that's fun for kids. i'm glad tiff mentioned the educational part of it. i think all of those things look really cool, but if you know something about it and looking for it it makes it that much more exciting for adults and kids. >> absolutely. it's a rich place and the devil is in the details. it's just, every corner is decorated and detailed so -- >> it's now t that people can visit right? >> absolutely. >> wonderful. members who are part of the museum, members get free general admission every day. free admission to special member events and discounts to events like breakfast with santa which you mentioned. family memberships start at $115 and pay for themselves if you go just two times. we have that information on the screen you can find out more by visiting the website you can visit now again through the end
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time only that you can see the streets of old milwaukee decorated for the holiday. the website is the streets. great to see you guys. >> thanks for having us. >> thanks for joining us and sharing. how to pamper yourself this
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welcome back our next guests are in the business of making you feel relaxed, refreshed. >> they are going to give away some of their wonderful services for free. >> that's right. >> to some of you, our lucky morning blend viewers. we're super excited that today's tmj is doing this contest. manager and rn and abu musab anh also a licensed aesthetician at the plastic surgery association. what better gift. that is awesome. let's talk about these contests have you going on in the month of december. this is through this event on today's tmj4 and our website.
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able to do this for all of the viewers. we're going to talk about a weekly offering four weeks of special offers for our guests. abbey will tell you about week one. >> it's starting right now in week one this is week one. it's the holiday spa package right? >> the holiday spa package comes with an hour massage, and hour facial, you get this cute little gift set with a peppermint motion, peppermint scrub. >> and be calling right? >> yeah and wake you up a little bit. >> so being saint nick's day. >> sweet. that's awesome. >> thank you so much. people are so lucky to win this. they get a free massage along with this. that is fantastic. >> and a facial. >> and a facial too. that's week one. people need to go to to find out more and to enter to win.
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is a few quick questions with your email and nail. >> are you picking one winner? >> one winner each week. this will be the first week as we go so on. >> so great. >> let's talk about week two. this is a one year membership to the spa at plastic surgery associates. what is included ? >> a one year membership is great. it's one of our best savings. it willive you botox at $9 a unit an excellent price. 10% o the spa and three complimentary hydrofacial treatments. if you are interested in any cosmetic surgery it will give awe complimentary consultation with one of our physicians as well. >> in that case you get to say to a plastic surgery if you were me take a look at this what should i do then they draw all over you right? that's really cool. [laughter] >> i think that's really neat. let's talk about week three. this is a gift certificate to the spa.
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a $200 gift certificate towards any service in our spa. >> that includes a massage, facial, laser treatments, injectables anything you want. >> that's awesome. >> these are so nice. week four? >> another gift certificate for $400 same thing for any of the services we offer. >> that is fantastic. >> real quick, when we're talking about submitting for these can people only enter once, can they enter each week? >> they can enter each week. >> even if they win? [laughter] >> ifhe but i will have to enter for our weeks. >> i already feel like i won which is awesome. let's talk about some of the services you offer. especially with the gift certificates people can choose what services they want. one of the things is halo how does that work? >> it's a great resurfacing treatment it will help with pigmentation, fine lines giving you a overall glow. >> those before and after pictures are incredible. that's just a few days after
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>> yup. >> that was me. >> your skin is incredible. up close it's like beautiful. >> thank you. >> it took about six days to heal. i was good to go. >> what would you have said your problems were beforehand? >> i had a few acne scars that were my main concern. it's all gone now. >> you have beautiful skin. >> offer. bbl is what is going to help get rid of the brown spots and if you have any redness to your skin like the little veins you get or just having general all over redness it helps get rid of that. >> i'm a huge fan of bbl because it he he helps with rosacea it a chronic skin condition. sculpture that is body contouring? >> yes fat reduction in targeted
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women. gives you a great little contour to your shape. helps you fit into the holiday dresses a little better. >> sculpture is a warm procedure. i was in your office seeing how it does, it has paddles again. it's a permanent reduction. >> yup. once the cells are gone they are gone. >> how long does it take for that to show up? >> 6 to 12 weeks. >> and they are permanent. i love it. >> you can book services at the sp number we're going to give to you in a second. if you don't enter you're not smart. you got to go there and you can't win. super easy go to and schedule service today. (262)970-5600 or go to cosmetic surgery great to see you guys and thank
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>> best elfs ever. >> i like it thanks so much. after the break exciting new treatments if you're someone struggling with hair loss. the benefits of scam therapy
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welcome back to the morning
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photos. if you are concerned about hair loss, you are not alone. there is a solution too as can you see from these incredible photos. >> hair loss can be embarrassing especially for women. there are hair restoration options out there. >> john laudoff is with transitions of wisconsin and mary ann benko is a happy client. they are here to tell us about the various treatments. super excited to see you guys. >> welcome back. >> you have beautiful hair. >> thank you very much. >> thick and healthy. >> thank you. to? >> them. [laughter] >> i bet people just looking at your hair it's super thick. did you struggle with hair loss? >> yeah, what happened, it has been about 11 years now, and i noticed that my hair was falling out more than normal. >> when you would brush it in showers? >> mostly in the shower or in the sink when you are fixing it. and i really try to take care of myself so as a result i'm very cognisant of any changes in my body. all right.
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noticing at that time is that the texture was changing. it was getting courser. and it was dulling it just didn't look healthy. i completely understand seasonal shedding and the impact. and the impact that stress and hormonal changes have on your hair. at the time i was going through a lot of the latter too. what really threw any over the edge. one days way driving in my car i gorgeous sunny day and i glanced up in the rear-view mirror and i could see my scalp. i panicked. so what do i do, i start looking at pictures from 25, 30 years ago and comparing. do not do that. i don't recommend that. it's not a good idea. we're never going to look that way again, but what that brought to light was the fact that my hair was really damaged so i try
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to a doctor and said put me on medication. i went to the internet. i'm a big researcher. we all know how overwhelming that is. every product i looked at was the best in the marketplace so you're so confused. i ended up using a topical solution and taking supplements. anytime you deal with hair it takes 4 to 6 months before you see an impact. in the meantime my hair is falling out. so fortunately, very fortunately one day i literally sle website and i was very intrigued by the process. so, i made a phone call to see john to have my scalp analyzed. i was delighted when he did it. what happened he told me there was a chance we could strengthen my hair. being because my hair follow fos were still alive enough to be revived. if they are dead they are dead nothing is going to make them come back. >> then you have to look at other options.
9:29 am
option where he thought i could have treatment. >> have you ever had a better testimonial. >> i wanted to take a shot so you could see the side and back of her hair. it is beautiful. >> look at that hair. >> the back of it is so beautiful. >> yeah. so, what did you do for her? >> well, when people originally come in what we do is analyze their hair and scalp. with that we c if a a treatment is going to be a better option be surge calor nonsurgical prosthetic. we offer all of the options so we can lead the patient in the right direction. >> a nonsurgical option would be a wig or toupee? >> no. can you do hair styles like mine without any detection at all?
9:30 am
to yours? >> i have done laser treatments forever. it's family w hereditary. my uncles, my dad, my cousins. >> this young lady female pattern hair loss. she's using a nonsurgical prosthetic that stays in place for four to five weeks. so she can do anything that everyone else can do, swimming, water skiing it gives her that sense of having is what it is. >> this also is prosthetic right? >> correct. in her case it was more of a generalized thinning so we just wanted to enhance the volume and by using the prosthetic we blended it in with her own hair to give her the style she was looking for. >> that's incredible. just the difference in how it appears in terms of her health. >> exactly. >> how about this? >> this gentleman again permanent prosthetic, we're seeing more young guys come in
9:31 am
>> i would never know. >> that's the thing. again most people view that old hair piece look it's really not what it is now. >> and he's young you know he is not going to want something that looks outdated. >> look at that guy that's awesome. >> he looks so much younger. >> the benefit is these gentleman can do every normal activity they did before, the only difference is they have more hair. >> how do you decide if you're going to do laser hair rejuvenation verses the that uses a robotic hair transplant program? >> the artist. >> the artist. >> basically what happens we look at the individual's hair, scalp and their expectationses. we have some patients that come in that the before photos of those gentleman they are perfectly happy with that. others want more hair and more volume. we build into what they need. that's the benefit of having all of the different options that we have. >> okay. >> look at this guy. it looks like a different person
9:32 am
wonderful things from people. what do people say to you? >> it's a big life change. that's why i have been this for so long. i enjoy when people come in and while this made a huge difference. so, it makes people happy. >> yeah. >> your hair is your crown. especially for women. you know, when you look good you feel good. >> you think of it as being superficial or something like that if you care about your hair, but if it builds think you should take seriously and really consider. the consultation you will do that complimentary. >> as well as the microscopic evaluation as well. >> that's complimentary as well? >> definitely. >> all you have to do is call transitions of wisconsin. complimentary hair evaluation.
9:33 am
incorporated, (262)474-2002 or want more just say i want that f thing in my hair. i want a complimentary consultation on that f thing. [laughter] >> thank you so much. the best deals on high-tech gifts. and up next how buying cookies for someone on your list
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the holiday shopping season is in full swing. in some cases it is challenging to find the right gift for everyone on your list. lifestyle expert anne marie howard is here with wonderful ideas for christmas. how are you doing? >> how are you molly? >> i'm doing well. let's talk about o a lot of stuff going on for the holidays. i think my concern is always overlooking someone. like our pets for example. so what do you recommend? >> well, for your pets, a lot of you are probably having family and friends over for the holidays and you really don't want your pet greeting them with bad breath. so, i found these dental treats that freshen their breath and are beneficial for everyone involved.
9:37 am
treats. they clean teeth, freshens breath and reduces tarter. it will bring you closer to your dog. there are three sizes for small, medium and large breeds. it's a great gift for everyone. >> what about those people on our list who are so hard to shop for? do you have suggestions for those people? >> i do. there is a place that is affordable, convenient and has a lot of great choices and that's walgreens. maybe you bought a big gift for your loved one few more things for them to unwrap and the tree or the stocking or you have someone important like a child's teacher or caregiver. lots of affordable things $25 and less. i was walking down the beauty aisle i came across soap and glory. this is a great beautifully packaged gift. number 7 it's a spa kit. number 7 is a skincare line. it's lovely a little more elegant. all you have to do is add a bow and you are good to go.
9:38 am
shop for everyone. >> i see that. i think it looks great too. easy to wrap up as well. a lot of people find the holidays is a great time to give back. whether to the community or to someone else. do you have recommendations for people who want to do something to express kindness to others? >> i have a great idea for those who want to give back during the holiday season. feeding america's great american milk drive is a great way to contribute. the has donated its 1 millionth gallon of milk to feeding america which has food banks across the country that serve 46 million americans. the way you can contribute is to go to milk and order this great american milk drive gift cookie set it is sheryl's great american milk drive cookie gift. can you send it to your friends, family, coworkers it's really easy to order online and 15% of proceeds will go to this meaningful cause.
9:39 am
way to give back this season. and you're giving a gift to more than one person. win, win. >> it is a win, win. i was just going to say that. the idea is you give that cookie set to someone on your list, and then by buying that, part of your purchase the proceeds will go to help support the milk program. >> that's right. it supplies milk to the food banks across the country. it's a great cause. >> that's wonderful. where can people go for more information? >> for the dog dental treats they can go to sticks. for the hard to shop for people or just everybody in general you can go to and forgiving back and contributing the great american milk drive t milk >> great talk you to you i hope your holiday is wonderful. >> thank you molly you too. happy holidays. >> thanks. still ahead he's been called a rebel with a paint brush. we'll meet him and hear more
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surrounding his life. and up next how to print
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welcome back. when gift are you really wishing for this season? >> maybe someone in your family is hoping santa will bring something high-tech. consumer technology journalist
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too. >> reporter: i have a whole bunch of ideas for the ultimate gadget gifts for everyone in your family, but i'm going to start with the ultimate way for you to find the best deals. that's with amazon's free shopping app. download the app and all of the sudden thousands of huge deals are delivered right to your finger tips. you can even watch upcoming lightning deals and get notifications when they are about to go live. that's a huge plus automatically entered forgive aways for cash. and they just launched package x-ray. you can scan a bar code, know what is in a box and wrap it without ever ruining the surprise. one of those big surprises for that shutter bug in your life should be this nikon d3400. it's a fantastic camera, for anyone who wants to take their photography to the next level. it's an entry level dslr with
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lightweight, compact and super simple to use. great for for action shots. it is $150 off this holiday season. money you can take and use toward this. the epson expression et3600 eco tank printer that lets you print off the photos you just snapped right away frame them. i love printing out my photos kids still need to be able to have a printer for school what i really like about it you don't have to keep buying and replacing ink cartridges because they come with super sized tanks they include two years of ink right out of the box that is equal to 50 ink cartridge sets. love that now for the gift for the ultimate diyer take a stroll to home depot check out the dreamle rotary tool. the perfect tool for people that like to do projects big and small. the 36 accessories that come
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sand a engrave and more. the ultimate gift for the entertainment lover, another amazing tool, the lapro eco phone. connects folks to a new universe of entertainment options including using this 5.5-inch full hi-def display, stereo speakers. lightning fast speed thanks to the ultrapowerful snap dragon. advanced mobile processers on the market today. super long battery life lasts up to two days on a sedge charge on a single can do as like walk in a room streaming, binge watching a tv show on your phone, and then with a flick of a wrist be watching that same content right up on this big screen packed with vibrant
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it comes at really aggressive prices. you can read more about all of the things i talked about here today at thunk all right let's take a look at our art's cameras plus picture of the day. >> susan sent us this adorable photo of her grandson dylan. he is almost a year old and doesn't remember last christmas. so this is his first reaction to see her christmas tree. she says dylan and his brother drew bring them so much joy during the all year long of course. what a special photo. >> he is like wow grandma. >> i know thanks for sharing that sue we appreciate it. coming up, you will meet a politician or political artist who is a real rebel. also the subject of a new film. we'll chat about the movie and why he might get oscar love this year. i like ? ?
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? ? la vie est belle. la vie est belle. the eau de parfum, lanc?me.
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welcome back. today you're going to meet a guy known as an art world rebel. he is a political artist who has been featured in the wall street journal and now the subject of a documentary that is getting some oscar buzz. robert cenedella is a master painter and he joins us now to talk about the film and his life's work. hello to you robert. >> hi there. how are you doing?
9:50 am
i know you're standing in front of an iconic painting of yours. you were painting soup cans before andy warhol. >> absolutely. a little story you might want to know about the particular soup can i picked, i picked the wrong one. i was doing heinz and he was doing campbells, but, i want to tell you, from the bottom of my heart that i still believe that heinz is [laughter] >> i will always stick by that. [laughter] >> i love that. it's taken you about 50 years to get some recognition. talk a little bit about why you think it has taken so long when the work you have done is so magnificent? >> well, you know, um, thank you for i guess the art establishment hasn't thought it so magnificent. i think really what it is the
9:51 am
one that was really not dealing with subject matter as as much as it was dealing with art for art sake. and, my teacher was george gross and i go back through, i go back to my heros being people like broygle and so my work has fallen in that tradition. and i think that people that, the really wanted to deal with the kind of subject matter that i always d deal with which is 9/1. the stock market. the art world itself. selma. et cetera. and if you can, if you see over here the painting that you were on this side, which is a mural
9:52 am
restaurant worldwide it takes a different kind of skill level to produce 191 recognizable figures in one space. and so, i think i like to think i have evolved from the soup can era and i just enjoy the scope of things to paint quite frankly. >> absolutely. the documentary about your life is being considered for an oscar. congratulations on that. rotten tomatoes has given it a 90% which a lot of people check that rating and only see movies based on that so that's important. what does the public learn about your life and your work in the movie? what is it you want people to know about what you have done? >> well, basically i want them
9:53 am
is another art world out there. the one that you see in museums, is not necessarily the art really being done contemporary art. i'm a contemporary artist because i'm painting today. they seem to have another idea of what contemporary art is. it's art which you need to be told a story about. tells a story and there is usually a story about every painting i do. and, they will find out things like, that maybe the art world should be regulated just the way wall street is because, there is manipulation with prices, there is manipulation with many things and, if you want to see more of
9:54 am
see the trailer of the film and also leads you to i think the gallery, et cetera, where you see maybe two or 300 works that might not have seen if the film had not been produced. so i'm very fortunate to have a film about me given the fact that the art world has kind of kind of bit. and so i'm happy to have the film. and it's great to be talking to you about what i love the most. >> i love it and i love the fact you stay true to who you are and the points that you care about even called provocative. you have been called a rebel with a paint brush. i think it will be important for people to see it in art world which we know is based so much on fame and money and things like that to really see somebody
9:55 am
matters to them. it's important. so we're going to put up that website so people can see your documentary. get a little more about that oscar buzz. it's there on the screen you can check it out. thank you so much for joining us today robert. we really appreciate it. keep it up. thank you i will believe me. all right i love it. head to that website we showed for more work about robert's film.
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thanks for joining us today. >> tomorrow how to avoid the usual holiday weight gain. if you're on medicare who to call for help so you can save money and get the best coverage for you. >> have a great day everybody. welcome back tiff. >> thanks see you guys tomorrow. captioning provided by caption solutions, llc
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i... i... i wanted those...
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save big. hefty costs less than ziploc. ?? ?? this morning on "today's" take, get ready for hoopla with shaquille o'neal. then if you love tamron's style, own one of her hottest items. and we'll deck the halls with d a holidays all coming up right now. from n news, this is "today's" take, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello. >> al roker. >> it's tuesday morning, december 6th, 2016, and -- >> 26. it'd be past christmas. >> 2016, december 6. so we've got the thing going on right now.


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